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Why does agriculture rely so heavily on climate? Is it truly impossible to control the weather? With modern technology, new innovations can help us anticipate and react to crazy climate changes so that we can protect our plants and maximize yield, even in the face of extended rain season and unforeseen weather events.

Climate and meteorology expert Ryne James, a recent NIU Meteorology graduate, has worked with DAAHA to create a virtual exhibit about the relationship between climate and agriculture. Ryne’s exhibit is an extremely informative analysis and explanation of how climate science and agriculture work hand-in-hand. His exhibit looks at the history, present, and future of these innovations, and how they are used to create the best possible yield in all environments.

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of DEKALB AG, the DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association, Inc. has created an exhibit illuminating the history of agricultural innovation by the company. Exhibit themes touch on the formation of the company, key players, early research, and innovative marketing techniques. A wide range of DEKALB memorabilia is displayed.

Explore the DEKALB effort to solve the major threat of the greenbug to the sorghum crop, presented by Dr. Bruce Maunder. Sorghum, a cereal grain grown in the southern United States as a livestock feed, is susceptible to the greenbug insect. Greenbugs are an aphid and are considered to be the key insect pest of sorghum.

Charles L. Gunn (1886 - 1980) worked for DEKALB Agricultural Association 1917 - 1972. During Charles Gunn's long career with DEKALB, he and his research staff developed and released over 300 hybrids. Gunn's successful breeding program is responsible for some of the world's early maturing varieties that have pushed the Corn Belt about 200 miles farther north. Explore Charles Gunn's illustrious career and achievements.

"... in research you have to look ahead rather than look back. It isn't what have I accomplished, it's what I'm able to accomplish in the future." Charles L. Gunn 1969 interview

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The DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association, Inc. has developed policies to assure the preservation of its historical records, allow reasonable use by researchers, and provides as much service within DAAHA's capabilities as possible.

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